For Employers

Happy Companies Rely On Happy Employees…

…and money is a huge factor in your employees’ happiness.

Over a quarter of UK Employees are worrying about money

on an ongoing basis.

Research suggests between

20-29 productive days are lost annually

at a salary cost of 13-17%, directly due to money worries.

Money Is The Last Big Taboo

Research shows…


of employees don’t feel comfortable talking about money regardless of how financially healthy they are.


of employees feel they would be judged by their employer about their finances.


of people would rather not discuss their finances with anyone.

DIYMoney puts a Financial Planner in your employees’ pocket, helping them make sense of their money

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Bespoke explainers of your corporate benefits package

From the pension plan to the life cover on offer

Clear, jargon-free explanations

Help your employees make the most out of your support

Everyone needs a Financial Plan.