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How DIYMoney Works

Not everyone needs a Financial Planner, but everyone needs a Financial Plan. At DIYMoney, we help you in three ways:

1. Financial Strategy

Through our in-depth video series, we show you how to design, build and maintain a successful financial plan for yourself and your family. It’s Financial Planning with a financial planner but, unlike everyone else, we’re not selling you a product or trying to convince you to invest into… anything. And that means you can trust what we say.

No gimmicks, no sales pitches, no-nonsense. Just honest, impartial financial guidance.

2. Research & Reviews

In the world of financial products, there are thousands upon thousands of choices available to you.

To make this task less overwhelming (and time-consuming!) we give you honest, independent reviews of popular financial products and funds and portfolios – to empower you to decide what’s best for your financial plans.

3. Ongoing Support

We support you over time. We’re watching the markets and investment funds. We’re all over the legislation too – making sure you know about changes to the tax code, or the pension rules, or the ISA limits, or whatever.

Let us worry about all that stuff, you have a life to live. As a member of the DIYMoney community, you’ll receive Market Memos, Wellness Webinars and Budget Bulletins – for you to consume as you see fit.

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Build Your Financial Plan From Scratch

How To Work Out Your Financial Independence Number

Budgeting Tips & Tricks

Investing For Dummies

Controlling Your Behaviour

Selecting A Platform

Choosing Between Tax Wrappers

Building a Protection Portfolio

Put Your Plan Together

How To Review Your Financial Plan

Financial Planning Tactics, Tips & Hints

Should You Consolidate Your Pensions

Choosing the Right Building Blocks

Platform Reviews

Fund & Portfolio Reviews

Help To Maintain Your Financial Plan

Quarterly Wellness Webinars – What Do You Need to Think About?

Monthly Market Memos – What’s Going on In The Markets?

Budget Bulletins – What’s Changed & What’s the Impact?

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100% Independent & Impartial

Unlike pretty much everyone else, 100% of our revenue comes from member subscriptions. And that means we’re fiercely independent, impartial, and we’re on your side.

DIYMoney is your financial toolkit

Go at your own pace, in your own time, whenever it suits you; whether you log in every week or once a year. We’ll help you plan your financial future – on your terms.


DIYMoney Ltd offers Financial Guidance for people in the accumulation phase of their financial lives. This is general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, financial or any other form of advice. Nothing on this website should be interpreted as financial advice and users of the DIYMoney Hub should not rely exclusively on the guidance on this website. DIYMoney should be used in conjunction with your own research into financial products and funds and portfolios. You should not rely on the information on this site to make, or refrain from making, any financial decisions. You must always obtain individual advice from a suitably qualified and regulated financial professional who has complete understanding of your financial position. DIYMoney Ltd does not and cannot accept any liability arising from actions taken by DIYMoney users. Users are wholly responsible for the decisions they make about their own financial planning. You use the information on this website entirely at your own risk. DIYMoney Ltd cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on this site, and DIYMoney is not responsible for the content on other websites. Terms and conditions, pricing, and functionality of financial products change regularly and DIYMoney cannot be held responsible for any form of inaccuracy on this site. DIYMoney Ltd is not responsible for any losses or damages arising from use of any of the information on this website. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Investing carries risk and you may get back less than you invested.